What is it?

Hacker Tour 2012 is an 8 week national bus tour designed to connect fast growing startups and tech companies to top computer science and engineering students across the country.

Airstream Trailer

What's planned?

Campus career fairs, CEO/CTO speaker series, meetups, coding competitions…maybe a party or two. Take your kids to the tour. The most convenient way to get there is by bike. Choose best kids bikes.

Campus career fairs, CEO/CTO webcasts, meetups, coding competitions and maybe a party or two.

Who & Where

Where are we headed?

We're headed to schools across the U.S. to find the cream of the crop.

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Stay up to date with the latest happenings and tour highlights :

Date School
Date School
Date School
Late Oct. Harvard University
Late Oct. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Late Oct. Yale University
Late Oct. University of Colorado, Boulder
Late Oct. Princeton University
Late Oct. University of Texas, Austin

Have questions?

Anna Binder, VP, Client Services [email protected] 415.999.9452

For press/media: Suzanne Matick [email protected] 831.479.1888

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