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Called"Mafiaboy", this hacker became famous after he was only 15, when on Valentine's Day in 2000 he took charge of many university computers to utilize their joint resources to establish the DDoS attacks. The strikes shut down Yahoo. At precisely the exact same week, he started denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against Dell, eBay, CNN and Amazon by saturating company servers and decreasing their sites.

His self betrayed himby boasting of his accomplishment with peers and in a few discussions. He had been sentenced to a year of probation, restricted accessibility to the net and had to pay a fine. Reformed, he became a computer safety consultant for major businesses.

This fact made Internet and investors advocates very worried, because the world's biggest site (by then), that was valued at over USD 1 billion, was assaulted. This situation compelled them to question net security and also to reopen debate on laws onto it.

Nicknamed"soupnazi", he began his"profession" by leading a bunch of debatable computer geeks throughout high school span. A little later he was an energetic part of the criminal commerce site Shadowcrew.com.

When he was 22, soupnazi was detained in New York to get a charge card fraud, associated with the theft of information of countless accounts. He turned into a Secret Service informant, to prevent a prison sentence, betraying Shadowcrew´s buddies.

But in this period of time, in cooperation with a group of accomplices, he declared his criminal action as well as in 2005, stole over 180 million payment card accounts of those firms like Office Max, Dave and Buster's, Boston Market... The New York Times Magazine reported that this assault was the very first serial data flow of credit card info.

Albert and his accomplices used SQL shots to make backdoors in various company networks and committed the prosecution valued of USD 256 million, just from the TJX business.

González was detained in 2010, sentenced to 20 years and serving his sentence.

So far as he was a minor then, he had been released following a warning.

Back in 1988, he took over a national computer and obtained to documents on Ferdinand Marcos, president founder of the Philippines. When the police discovered him, he chose to conceal. And he stayed busy, by the underground, decreasing government documents and showing secrets.

Among those anecdotes that led him to fame was, in 1990he hacked the phone line using a radio channel, to ensure that he was the amount 102 listener and also to triumph Porsche, a holiday and USD 20,000.

In the long run, Poulsen was arrested and prohibited from using computers for 3 decades. Ever since that time, reformed he turned into a critical journalist who writes about cybersecurity.

At age 20, this author employed an unprotected content management instrument on Yahoo and altered a post in the Reuters system and included a false quote he attributed to former Attorney General John Ashcroft.

He's referred to as the'vagabond hacker' because he wandered through different Internet accesses like Internet cafes to perform his attacks in various authorities and expose himself as small as possible.

Lamo used to hack systems then warn the media and its own sufferers; in some scenarios, it assisted them to solve vulnerabilities and enhance their safety. However, it overcame the limitation as it assaulted the intranet of The New York Times, such as itself at the list of professional resources, to have the ability to explore public personages of top degree.

In addition, he betrayed Chelsea Manning, responsible for filtering WikiLeaks in the movie showing US soldiers murdering a Reuters photographer along with other civilians from Afghanistan and categorized files of the US Army.

Lamo has been sentenced to 6 months of home arrest, for stealing information from New York Time and now works as a journalist.

Nicknamed"El Cóndor", in the early 1980s, he had been accused of hacking on the NORAD system (North American Aerospace Defense Command) and from then on he'd become the most desired cybercriminal at the background of the USA to now.

His strikes prompted the film"War Games" of 1983. In 1989, he assaulted the community of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), the pioneer in the industry of computer equipment makers. Afterward, he had been arrested, sentenced and sentenced to prison.

Mitnick didn't utilize the information obtained in his strikes for individual gain, seemingly, he only wanted to demonstrate he had the capability to carry out them.

After a warrant is issued for its Pacific Bell's cyber-attack, Mitnick flees and stays hidden for a couple of decades. When he was captured, he had been sentenced to jail for numerous rates of computer and electronic fraud.

"El Cóndor" is just another instance of a reformed hacker who changed sides and dedicates himself into cybersecurity consulting.

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Campus career fairs, CEO/CTO webcasts, meetups, coding competitions and maybe a party or two.

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